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Penmore Press is pleased to announce the release of The Contessa’s Easel, by Mary Sharnick. The acclaimed Orla Paints Quartet continues!

Mary’s five novels are available through barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com. The first two novels, Thirst and Plagued, are set in the Venetian lagoon during the seventeenth and fifteenth centuries, respectively. Thirst is being adapted for the operatic stage by composer Gerard Chiusano and librettists Mary Chiusano and Robert Cutrofello. The third novel, and first in an anticipated quartet, Orla’s Canvas, is a coming-of-age tale about a young artist set against the backdrop of Civil Rights-era New Orleans.

Painting Mercythe sequel to Orla’s Canvas in the anticipated quartet, published by Penmore Press, is available at barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com. In this novel, Orla, now aged twenty-four, continues as narrator just after Saigon has fallen and over two thousand Vietnamese refugees have relocated to New Orleans.

AWARD WINNING – Painting Mercy – In recognition of Mary’s outstanding communications efforts in 2018, she has won a 1st Place in the National Federation of Press Women’s Communications Contest – Connecticut. 
Following this CT win with Painting Mercy, Mary went on to win 2nd place honors in the national level of the NFPW Communications Contest. 
As announced by Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas, President – “Congratulations on your well-deserved award. Competition this year was stiff and you should be proud of your accomplishment.”
Ms. Sharnick will be honored at the National Awards Dinner to be held on Saturday, June 28, 2019, at the National Conference in Baton Rouge, LA.

The Contessa’s Easel“Check out the latest from my friend and mentor Mary Sharnick, who possesses the unique ability to write works that qualify as both entertainment and art.”
Sean Crose, The Regulator and American Socialite

Painting Mercy“Emotionally resonant and a beautifully drawn portrait of complex, all too human characters grappling with the very notions of family, love, and home.”
Tom Santopietro, Why To Kill a Mockingbird Matters

Painting Mercy“Painting Mercy is a gloriously beautiful rendering! The intervention of paint to create a clear and powerful communication between Orla and Mercy is a testament to the deep and necessary silences in the creative process.”
Elizabeth Cutrofello, American Theorem Painter

Painting Mercy“Mary Sharnick reveals the true nature of an artist’s heart, exposing the contrast of the human experience through the eyes of a young woman swept up in the scene.”
Jessica Haight, The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow

On-site Reseach

While researching for her third and fourth novels in the series, The Contessa’s Easel (just released) and En Plein Air in Fiesole, Italy, Mary Sharnick wrote this article for J.G. Harlond’s “A Place in History” series… https://wp-harlond.jgharlond.com/2019/06/02/a-place-in-history-fiesole-italy/#sthash.dBH4JdgN.dpbs 

Orla traveled to Fiesole, Italy to meet with Fulvio Orsitto, PhD, Georgetown University’s Director of Villa Le Balze. The third novel, The Contessa’s Easel, will be set in Fiesole. Villa Le Balze was for a time a Nazi headquarters during the Second World War. Sincere thanks to Fulvio for his generosity and knowledge.

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